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In 2018, we have introduced workshops with three models under our Trail Running India project:

  • Four Hours basic running cultivation
  • Two Days program
  • Four Weekends

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Our services for training programs are costless and free for everyone. This is to help people who do not have basic funds to adopt distance running or need guidance/ assistance for the sport. Our focus is to encourage people to adopt the sport for a healthy lifestyle.

We focalize on:
  • Breathing techniques – inhale and exhale
  • Running Form.
  • Variants of running. (Long, Hill, Fartlek, Recovery & Interval)
  • Pace and speed evaluation.
  • Cross training insights.
  • Nutrition and mid run snacking and hydration.
  • Correction training.
  • Analysis of various terrains/routes and how to adopt them.
  • Mind strengthening - Strength training.
  • Plyometric workout.
  • Resistance tube / Pilates tube workout.
  • Pre run / Post run stretches.

Our objective is to get the best out of you from a running tide. We ensure that the workouts bring the best in everyone, keep the spirits high and churn that energy into healthy treats. We encourage people to elevate their fitness journeys, physical conditioning and form a healthy living. Distance running is about the strength in the mind. Keeping the mind calm, peaceful & focused! We ensure you techniques to battle the mind.

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